Learning the Ukulele is easy as 1-2-3

Ukulele is a perfect instrument for small hands and people that just want to have fun playing music. Learn a one finger chord, a two finger chord and a three finger chord and you can play tons of songs. It's actually hard to make bad sounds on a uke. Pull out a uke and it puts smiles on peoples faces.

I'm not much of a uke player but I can get you playing simple songs in no time flat. You can learn simple songs in just a few minutes. With three chords you will be able to play %90 of the popular kid songs you know.

Ukulele for Parents is a great beginning book I wrote for parents, kids or teachers.

Here are four quick uke lessons to get you playing right away.

#1 Tuning the uke

#2 C chord and first song

#3 G chord

#4 Changing C to G chord

Itsy bitsy spider for uke

Wheels on the bus for uke

Skip to my Lou for uke


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