Multiplication and Skip Counting Songs

Victor Johnson

Songs and musical stories to help learn multiplication tables and skip counting. Music helps math stick.

Harness the power of music to learn to skip count and remember multiplication tables. Lively enough to entertain but mellow enough to fall a sleep to.

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Don't Drink the Bathwater and Other Things You Need to Know

Victor Johnson

Simple acoustic songs to help kids learn important things they need to know in life like safely crossing the street, watching for trains, telling the truth and not drinking the bathwater!

Victor Johnson is a leading kids music artist based in the Columbia River Gorge area of Oregon. He has several awards including 3 Parents' Choice Awards and has appeared on 4 Putumayo Kids' compilations.

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Fire Safety Songs

Victor Johnson

Simple songs about fire safety that could save lives. Learning is fun and effective with music. The classic camp song "Smokey the Bear" also included.

Simple songs to help kids know what to do if their clothes are on fire (Stop, Drop and Roll) and what to do if the building is on fire (Stay Low and Go) Also included is the classic camp song Smokey the Bear. Songs make learning fun and effective.

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Character Songs

Victor Johnson

10 acoustic songs about honesty, respect, responsibility and more to help develop character in young people. Songs to learn and sing and talk about in school or family settings.

Victor Johnson’s “Character Songs” was created in 2011 while working with the Ellsbury-Read Character strengthening project in Madras Or. The group’s acronym for Character was the inspiration for the collection of songs.

Courage Honesty Adaptability Respect Attitude Compassion Teamwork Excellence Responsibility

These simple songs provide a way to talk about positive character traits in a relaxed non-threatening way. Singing a song about being responsible is far more effective than being lectured about being responsible. Catchy songs can help ideas stick in the brain and re-enforce what is being taught as well.

Teachers can easily create lesson plans around these ideas for the classroom or just have the music playing during work time or relaxation time. Character Songs is being used by many organizations to help build character in kids they work with.

Victor Johnson is a three time Parents’ Choice award winner and nationally known for creating “family grooves and educational songs”.

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