In January 2016 we went to Africa for a safari and to climb Kilimajaro. Africa is a huge place and there are hundreds of companies servicing the area. We didn't know who to trust, where to go, what to pay, where to stay. Whether by luck, fate, karma or whatever we found an amazing safari guide and a great team to climb the mountain with.

If you are looking for an experienced, honest, knowledgable safari guide for the Serengeti in Tanzania I highly recommend our friend Exaud Kisamo in Arusha. He has been guiding for 19 years and is wonderful. You can reach him by email at

Tell him Victor Johnson from Oregon sent you. He can assist you find the right lodging for your budget and knows where the best game can be found year round.


For climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro we ended up going with Team Kilimanjaro which is a British company based in Arusha Tanzania. Our 8 day Alternative Lemosho went off without a hitch. Our chief guide Ibrahim Mashaka is a bit of a rock star guide on the mountain. One of the youngest guides ever he also was on the team that set the record for the youngest climber of Kilimanjaro who was 5 years old!

Ibrahim has a great team assembled that will get you to the top. We were fortunate enough to have assistant guide Calvin George set the pace for most of the climb. He is like a metronome. His slow steady pace is the key to finding success on the mountain. I'm convinced with a good plan and the proper pace any strong willed, reasonably fit person can climb Kili.

Check out the TK website here