The idea of the "now page" comes from Derek Sivers. This is what I'm up to now and most interested in as of 3/20/17

Currently my main focus is restoring and redeveloping a historic downtown building in my home town of The Dalles Or. Built in 1864 and added to in 1890, it is on the National Historic Register as the Wall/Herbring house. We're next to St. Peter's Landmark. Learning lots and enjoying the process. Hoping for a major grant from the state to finish structural upgrades, facade work and rehab 3 apartments. Phase 2 will be creating a coffee shop in the downstairs and developing the back courtyard area.


Producing an acoustic concert series next door at the Old St. Peter's landmark. We're shooting for 1 show per month. Leaning heavily on elite singers and musicians coming through the area. Amazing space.

New Ireland planned for June 2018. Space available as of 3/20/17

Studio time booked for 1/1/18 to record new record!

Performing limited gigs with my cajon. Clocktower Ales on most Saturdays in summer, Liberty tap and Freebridge brewing on occasion. New bike trailer allows riding to gigs in downtown area.