The idea of the "now page" comes from Derek Sivers. This is what I'm up to now and most interested in as of 11/9/15

In October 2015 we bought a historic downtown building in my home town of The Dalles Or. Built in 1864 and added to in 1890, it is on the National Historic Register as the Wall/Herbring house. We're next to St. Peter's Landmark church which is the most iconic building in town. It's kinda like being located next door to the Eiffel Tower. The plan is to do a historical restoration while redeveloping it for modern use. 

My main focus right now is:

Restoring/redeveloping Herbring House

Selling the vacation rentals in Sunriver and Seaside to simplify and refocus energy to downtown.

Training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa Jan 2016.

Irish music tours in June and July 2016

Resetting the Life As Music blog

Experiments in lifestyle design, health, quality food

Attending concerts and festivals because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All new music projects are on hold for now.

Performing limited gigs with my cajon or fun side people locally.