The June 2018 trip to counties Cork, Clare and Kerry is full. Taking reservations for 2020. If you would like to be on the next trip shoot me a message on the contact page.

Discover the the music and magic of Ireland with Victor Johnson and Inishfree Tours

Is Ireland on your bucket list? Have you dreamed of discovering ancient sites or being front and center for a traditional music session in a pub with the locals? Perhaps you long to connect with the land of your ancestors? If you have always wanted to go to Ireland and you love music, don't wait any longer, now is the time.

If you love music and travel but don’t really like tours, you are one of us. Our tour is very relaxed, flexible and fun. No name tags and no giant bus. We limit our tours to 22 people so we can go where the big tours can’t. We see the sights during the day and each night we hear world class Irish musicians in a pub session or private concert just for us. If you’ve always dreamed of going to Ireland but don’t want to go alone or be herded along in a big group, keep reading and remember these tours usually always sell out. Reserve your spot soon!

BEWARE the BLUFFERS! Some companies say they are a music tour because they are in the Ireland and music is everywhere. We’ve been improving the trip for 10 years. We know the best musicians, the friendliest innkeepers and where the good food is. If you want the real thing, email me at and come with us. It will be a trip of a lifetime.


Your Irish music tour lasts 9 days and nights. All tours begin at the Shannon Ireland airport SNN. Most people come a day early to adjust to the time change and refresh before we start. We bring 22 folks and travel in a small luxury coach.

We travel to an area and stay three days and nights in small hotels. We take day trips each day to ancient stone circles, stone forts, fishing villages, beaches, heritage centers, etc. We’ll bring the guitar along for an occasional song along the way. We return to our hotel to freshen up, have dinner, and share music each night with the Irish. Some nights we invite featured Irish songwriters, poets, or traditional musicians to come play a private show for us. Most nights we go to quaint pubs where there is a traditional ‘session’ (fiddles, penny whistles, guitars, box accordions, etc ). They play jigs, reels, etc and after an hour or so usually they start singing some songs and often invite others up to sing a few. People from our group can usually sing one too. We’ve been known to come back to our hotel and a maybe handful of us stay up late for a night cap and a few more songs.

We then move to another town in another county for three days and nights and see the local sites and share music with the best local artists. Then once more to a final county for our final three days together.

During the tour we have a ‘free day’ which means folks are on their own to do whatever interests them. Hiking, walking, biking, fishing, golf, boating, shopping, or just resting up and browsing the town or country side.

The tours are very relaxed. If we are in a town for three days and you want to stay back you don’t have to come with the group that day. Same with any evening, if you are tired and want to stay in or browse the nightlife on your own, you are welcome to do that.