Everyone loves to bang on a drum. It's fun, natural and great for creating community and teaching. I have the great privilege to work with Dr. Steve McLennon "The Drum Doc" on rhythm workshops and drum facilitations for schools, non profit organizations and corporate events and trainings.

Dr. Steve McLennon is an M.D. at Mid-Columbia medical center in The Dalles Oregon which is an award winning Planetree hospital. Dr. McLennon is also a certified Remo Drum facilitator and endorser for the Remo Health Beats and Health Rhythm protocols for music and wellness. He heads a local Samba group called Samba Hood Rio and is a regular attendee at the well respected California Brazil Camp. He also holds a degree in Spritual Psychology from UC Santa Barbara

We been working together for over 10 years and have done drum workshops and facilitations for hospital patients and employees, festivals, street fairs, corporate events, team building workshops, samba parades and many straight ahead performances together.

No experience is needed to benefit from playing drums with a group of people. This can be a transformational experience and is always a blast. Any number of drums can be provided and program length can be adjusted to fit your needs. We do all day residencies where we meet with several different classes or groups or have one giant session with everyone.

Email for more information and availability.